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Today’s blog post marks the second installment of our “Ultimate 5 Part Series on Preparing For Your Engagement Session”! To catch up on the latest installments of this series, view them here!

Today’s topic is all about what TO and what NOT TO wear to your engagement session!

For starters, a tip I always give my clients when they are starting the process of thinking about what to wear to their engagement session is this: “If you aren’t comfortable in it and you have to ask someone else if it looks like it fits, it probably doesn’t fit.” Try not to wear clothing that is too tight or way too lose as it will not be very flattering and there is not much photographers can do in post-processing to fix this. It is better to show up in something that fits you than to show up in something way to small, but is really cute.


  • Have a classy outfit. Think: Cocktail dress, Button-up shirt & dress pants, heels, pearls, curls.

  • Have a casual outfit. Make this outfit all about you as a couple! If you love baseball, wear baseball jerseys! If you love the military, feel free to wear your uniform!

  • Wear clothing that fits.

  • Wear bright colors!

  • Make sure your clothing is equal. This means that you need to make sure if the girl is wearing something classy, the guy needs to be too. It looks a little strange when the guy is wearing cargo shirts and she is wearing a cocktail dress!

  • Wear clothes that flatter your favorite body parts. I know my arms are not my favorite part of my body so I always remember not to wear awkwardly cut dresses that flatter my flabby arms!

  • Coordinate your outfits! Instead of wearing matching outfits, try to wear outfits that look nice together! This means wearing the same color, but a different shade or a similar color! Have one wear stripes and one wear solid colors! It photographs better!

  • Think about what colors look good on your skin tone! Do some research! If you are extremely light-skinned, some colors will bring that out even more and you may want to stray from those! If you are tan, some of my favorite colors are coral, peach, and purple! For some reason, those look amazing on tan people!

  • If you must wear plaid, make it LARGE plaid! This photographs MUCH better than the tiny little plaid!

  • Make sure you accessorize! Have him wear his nice watch, make sure you have your statement necklace and pearls! Oh, and make sure you grab your heels! (Make sure you get your engagement ring cleaned too!!) Scarves, necklaces, belts, heels, earrings, you name it – I love it.


  • Don’t forget about your session until the day before and not have anything to wear! Plan ahead of time and get excited! These are going on your Save The Dates!!
  • Don’t forget about the guy! The guy can be overlooked so easily and he is key to the engagement session too! Now, don’t go overboard – some of my favorite engagement sessions have been when the guy is just wearing a plain dress shirt and dress pants! Don’t overdo it!

  • Don’t wear clothing that is too tight or too loose! Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine? Haha!

  • Don’t wear the same thing! It was “in” at one point to wear matching shirts for your engagement session, but we have moved on from that time period! Mix it up some!

  • Don’t wear strange patterns such a cheetah, leopard, or intricate floral patterns! These tend to not photograph very well!

If you still want more advice on what to wear to your engagement session, some of my favorite articles are here , here, and here! I really suggest reading those!!

  1. Great blog post about what to wear! This will definitely help out your future clients and I’m sure they will appreciate all the tips!

  2. Victoria Johansson says:

    Great tips, and I LOVE the image to go along with the blog post.

  3. Alexandra Peterson says:

    Great tips, Jenny! Super helpful for your brides and grooms!

  4. Great post! Wonderful tips on what to wear for their session. Your work is amazing!!!

  5. vaughn barry says:

    Great tips! Your couples will love these especially when they see their photos. And totally agree, no cheetah, leopard or especially floral print!!

  6. Kristina says:

    This was a fun read! Thanks for the tips!

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