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Hey friends, happy Tuesday! I know that planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming for those of you who don’t do this every weekend so that’s what I’m here for! Today’s advice is all about engagement sessions and what to wear to them.

If you’re wedding planning, you’re probably planning your engagement session! If that’s the case, you might be wondering what to wear to engagement sessions! As far as looking your best for your engagement session, there are a few things that should inspire the outfits you choose:


  1. Make sure your outfits represent the two of you and your relationship together. Don’t just wear what you think you have to wear, but make sure it’s something you’d actually want to be seen in public wearing. You don’t have to change your personalities and lives and stories just because you’re getting professional photos done! I’m here to capture the two of you and your love story so I want you to be comfortable!
  2. Think about the weather. If you’re having a session in the Fall, sweaters & boots, scarves, flannels, button-ups, etc. These kinds of clothing will keep you WARM and comfortable, but you’ll still look super stylish! You definitely don’t have to wear a dress if you don’t want to. BUT if you do wear a dress, consider a long one (like a bridesmaid dress) so you aren’t freezing to death!!
  3. Consider your wedding colors. I love when couples wear the colors that inspired their wedding outfits & decorations. Doing this is a great example of what to wear to engagement sessions because it sets the stage for their big day! It also gives the vendors and guests a sneak peek at what to look out for when they arrive to their wedding!


  • Get a new date night outfit – go shopping, have FUN with it, but don’t break the bank! Stop by your favorite place to get an outfit you’d wear on a date together and bring it to your session! Comfortable photographs 100% than stiff and stressed.
  • Don’t force your fiancé into something that is going to kill his mood. Give him preparation leading up to the engagement session. This will allow him to find something that you will love, but that he won’t resent. Most men don’t LOVE getting dolled up and that can really affect his confidence for when we are at the actual session.
  • If you don’t want to buy another outfit, consider renting one! Rent The Runway is an amazing way to rock a killer outfit for your engagement session without breaking the bank and cluttering the closet! Another amazing option is Le Tote!
  • Bring 2 outfits! It’s always a great idea to have two outfits so you have some photos of the two of you all dressed up, but also some of y’all in casual outfits that you’d be seen every day in!
  • Make sure you try your outfits on before the week of your session so you have time find a new outfit, god forbid they don’t look as great on you as they did on the hanger! AKA, make sure your clothes fit you properly! 😉


  • Coordinate your outfits – make sure they go together and don’t clash. But also make sure one isn’t a lot more casual than the other! You don’t have to wear the same colors as each other, but make sure they aren’t TOO different! It’s key to have something in common in each of the outfits so they work well together!
  • Don’t forget the shoes!! Girls, go crazy with the shoes!! Heck, even break in your wedding heels at your session (people have seriously done this). I LOVE when shoes play a big role in the outfits because it is the part of the outfit that brings the whole thing together. Be BOLD with the colors/patterns for your shoes!
  • Accessorize!! Statement necklaces, pearls, monogrammed jewelry, watches (for him & her), bracelets, etc. The list goes on and on, but it looks SO much better with than without!
  • Pick clothes that move. What I mean when I say this is flowy dresses and any kind of clothing that allows movement as you move photographs SO much better than a stick straight pencil skirt! We are going to be moving A LOT during your session so the more ability for movement, the better!  🙂
  • Neutrals photograph much better than neon colors! Try to take this into consideration when picking out your outfits. 🙂


That may seem like a lot to keep in mind when deciding what to wear to engagement sessions, but just take it one step at a time! Plus, it seems that most of my couples have figured out these tips just by browsing Instagram & Pinterest! For more outfit inspiration, check out the many outfits my couples have been wearing recently in this blog post, on Instagram, and on Pinterest!! Get excited – you only do this once!! 🙂

Still don’t know where to start with what to wear to your session? Check out these stores (for him AND her) below:

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