Being Relatable


Inspiration in Unlikely Forms

Photographers! Business Owners! Are you ever inspired by something that you never thought could inspire you? Well, that’s what happened this weekend when I was feeding Brayden on the couch, watching Netflix. An advertisement for Ellen Degeneres’s movie, Relatable, popped up and it looked hilarious! So we watched it while I fed him and put him to sleep. Little did I know that I’d be writing a blog post about it… The movie is a stand-up comedy movie where Ellen tells jokes about her life, but what I want y’all to know is that you NEED to watch it. Especially if you are a business owner. Why? Because she is SO relatable. And I realized that’s the key. In order to engage with your audience, your couples, your clients… You need to be relatable.


Make Yourself Relatable

What I’m saying is this: Have you ever struggled with getting your audience to engage with you? Me too. But think about it – you are just another fish in a SEA of photographers (or business owners). If you’re just posting something to post and it isn’t quality content, why in the world would someone respond to you? Why would they engage with you if you aren’t relatable? If you aren’t solving a problem for them? If you aren’t providing value to them? All of the jokes that Ellen told throughout her movie made her relate to her audience.

Yes, she’s a billionaire. But she is extremely relatable in the fact that she gets angry while driving. Ellen talks about how everyone needs to be a waiter/waitress at some point in their life. She shows hilarious cat memes, makes jokes about her sexuality, etc. She even made jokes about those silly advertisements you see on television with the insane side effects. Ellen even joked about how she uses the entire tube of toothpaste, and how she would use her black platinum card to get the last little bit out. I bet you didn’t think billionaires did that! I know I sure didn’t.

Remember These Things

When you’re speaking to your audience through Instagram, Facebook, your blog, your vlog, remember these things:

  • Think about the things in life that you appreciate
  • Talk about what gets under your skin (in a positive light)
  • What is something you question?
  • Show what you love!


In the end, you need to relate to your followers and give them a reason to engage. If you’re just screaming sales at them that doesn’t benefit them at all, they have no reason to respond. They need a reason to engage.

Ways I Relate

Some things that I love sharing with my followers include the following:

  • Brayden and being a new mom
  • When I was planning my wedding, I shared that process with my brides!
  • My passion for Taylor Swift
  • Advice when it comes to planning their weddings
  • Our life (our birth story, holiday’s, new and exciting adventures we go on)
  • Our new home – home buying process, remodel, etc.
  • Wedding vendors I love working with
  • My cats & how much I love animals
  • My favorite products that I find
  • The Bachelor, duh!
  • Grey’s Anatomy (die-hard fan over here)


The list could go on & on! These are things that my clients engage with. They want to know more about ME as a person, and not my business. These posts are personal and get SO much more engagement than when I post my actual work. They followed me initially because they liked my photos. Now they want to know ME and WHY they should like me. They want to affirm their decision in liking me and want to know the person behind the brand. Now it’s your turn! Go apply these ideas to the way you share content, and I promise you’ll have more of a conversation than a screaming match!

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