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Cathedral Veils – Why They Are Great for Photos

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Hi friends! I hope y’all are having an amazing summer so far. Are you planning a wedding and finally deciding whether or not to get cathedral veils?! Well, I’m here to convince you even further, if you haven’t been convinced already. 😉

Why Cathedral Veils Are So Great

Today’s blog post is all about cathedral veils and what makes them photograph so well! It sounds silly, but so many people don’t think about all of the things you can do with veils in photos when they’re choosing their veil, so I’m here to show you!! Just a few reasons they’re pretty stinkin’ incredible:

  • You can get UNDER your veil and have a private moment together. You may think that it just looks like a mosquito net, but just SEE what I’m talking about friends!!
  • They add layering the the front of images. So many times when my couples have long veils, I can use them to create a creamy and layered foreground to add depth to the image! Just look at this photo for example!
  • You can get those killer flowing in the wind shots that every bride dreams of!! It is soooo romantic and adds so much drama to the image.
  • They honestly work for anyone! Tall or small! I’ve seen just about any kind of bride you can think of use a cathedral veil and I’ve never thought to myself that it didn’t look good. They are so ethereal, dramatic, and romantic. They frame your body so well, and come on – who doesn’t love tulle and lace?!

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July 11, 2019

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