2019 JGP Photographer Gift Guide


Hey friends! Happy NOVEMBER!! Can you tell I’m excited?! So, I have never done this before, and I know there are a million gift guides out there for you all to choose from, but throughout this year and the past few years, there have been quite a few things that I have LOVED for myself, for others, or even gifting for others. Because of that, I’m sharing those things with you! Introducing the photographer gift guide! The first installment of this series is for those of you who are shopping for PHOTOGRAPHERS!! Maybe your child is a photog, maybe your sibling, spouse, best friend, etc. OR maybe you’re just shopping for your family photographer because you’re the sweetest person on Earth?! Anyhow… alas!

The 2019 JGP Photographer Gift Guide:

  1. Kamrette Backpack – seriously y’all. I bought this backpack for wedding days a while back and it is a GAME CHANGER. Being able to have a backpack versus over-the-shoulder bag has helped my back not hurt as much after wedding days. If you’re anything like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
  2. Lens cleaning wipes! These babies are great for stocking stuffers or little gifts, and we can honestly never get enough of these things!
  3. Lens caps. 😉 Just make sure you stealthily creep so you know the correct sizes to order.
  4. CF or SD cards! I replace mine VERY often because these babies can definitely corrupt over time, and that is a photographer’s greatest nightmare. Even one would be such a sweet gift! Next time you see your photog, just creep in the camera bag or something to make sure you know if their camera takes CF or SD cards. Most professional grade ones take both, but not always! Just check to be safe. 🙂
  5. For wedding photographers — A subscription to KJ All Access! KJ All Access is an education platform led by Katelyn James, one of the world’s most incredible and down-to-earth photographers ever. Plus, she has the sweetest story and the most beautiful voice to listen to. I have taken nearly every course/education Katelyn has ever released and I can honestly credit all of my success and experience to this woman right here. She is incredible and if there’s anyone a wedding photographer should learn from, it’s her!
  6. For motherhood photographers — A subscription to the Motherhood Anthology. I have been a part of the Motherhood Anthology for the past calendar year, and it has truly been business-changing! This year, I learned SO much about how to run a successful motherhood business. I still have SO much more to implement, but whether it’s the actual course or the incredible private FB group you get access to, it is GOLD!
  7. An SD Memory Card holder or a CF Memory Card holder! I’m going to be quite honest with you guys — I JUST bought some of these this year and I’m kicking myself for not getting them years ago. I honestly can’t give you a good excuse why – just forgetfulness? They’re SO nice and I absolutely love how easy it is to organize my memory cards quickly on a wedding day.
  8. An apron! Now don’t laugh. Seriously. But I had one of these custom-made this year as well, and I LOVE it! I honestly thought I would just use it for wedding days, but I have found it incredibly useful for photographing families as well! It allows me to keep so many things at my waist level in case I need it in a pinch. Think: memory cards, camera batteries, chapstick, granola bar, my phone, mophie pack for my phone, treats for kids, shakers to get kids’ attention, etc!
  9. LaCie Rugged External Hard Drive. I love this thing!! I replaced all of my hard drives this year with these and I LOVE them! They are incredibly durable, and they even have a 2 year warranty!
  10. A subscription to a cloud based system to back up files. I use BackBlaze and would 100% recommend them to all. You don’t want to be that person who doesn’t back up their files until it’s too late. It unfortunately happens way too often.
  11. An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription! This one might be for the supportive husbands of aspiring photographers! Or maybe even a sweet mama? This system contains all of the gear you’d need to edit, and MORE! Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.
  12. A Card Reader Hub! I use this baby for importing 4 CF cards at a time when I get home from wedding days!! It is incredible and speeds up the time you have to wait for your cards to finish before you can go to bed. 😉 Because let’s all be real – #weddinghangover kicks in REAL hard as soon as you step foot outside the venue on the way home.
  13. Styling ribbon! I use ribbon for my flat-lays a lot for weddings and I feel like it makes them look so much more elegant and stylish! 🙂
  14. A Monitor Calibrator! Seems self-explanatory, except a lot of people don’t use this for some reason!! You should definitely calibrate your screen every few months to make sure the colors are where they should be!
  15. A massage subscription or chiropractor appointment! Photography seriously takes a toll on the body and we need to be in our best working condition, or we will run ourselves into the ground!
  16. Mentoring Session/Headshots! A mentoring session is a great opportunity for both aspiring or experienced photographers.

I hope you all enjoyed these ideas in this year’s photographer gift guide, feel free to comment if you have anything you think I should add to the list!!

Oh PS — this is NOT sponsored friends! Just sharing my compiled list with y’all!! 🙂

Disclaimer — These are just recommendations. I cannot speak on the accuracy of these products or the actions taken/displayed by their sellers.

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