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Brayden’s Fresh 48 Session

Fresh 48 Session

Y’all, I can’t believe how long it has taken me to write this post, but mom life is REAL. Between changing diapers, feeding him, and sleeping when he sleeps, there’s not really much time for anything else! And when daddy is home, that’s when I take advantage of that time to get editing and house stuff done. I’m so excited to share Brayden’s Fresh 48 session with y’all! Courtney came in for Brayden’s Fresh 48 session the afternoon after he was born. And boy, let me tell you – you cannot plan anything with babies!! LOL

We had imagined that his Fresh 48 would have gone so much smoother than it did, but you can’t really control what a newborn wants to do. Courtney was there probably 3-4 hours and we realistically probably should’ve had her come in the morning so we wouldn’t have been so worried about the light! Thank goodness for black and white photos, haha! Brayden was pretty fussy that afternoon (he was fine all day up until Courtney arrived of course) and he just wanted to constantly eat. Which, if you know anything about newborns, it takes a WHILE for them to eat. With all of that being said, Courtney did a phenomenal job capturing the three of us, especially under those circumstances.

First 48 Hours

Brayden’s first 48 hours went by so quickly, yet also seemed to drag by. Colby & I were SO ready to go home and just enjoy our baby boy. However, as soon as I was wheeled into the mama and baby ward, up until the moment we left, we were busy. They had me on a million and one different types of medicines so I was pretty loopy. All I wanted to do was sleep. But nurses kept coming in what seemed like every 30 minutes to either check on me or check on Brayden. This even happened a couple times during our fresh 48 session! Sorry Courtney! ?

Brayden got his shots, footprints, circumcision, and so much more all in his first 48 hours. And he was being SUCH a good baby. He didn’t even cry during his surgery according to Dr. Kil. I was so proud of our little boy!! He lost a lot of weight from his initial birth weight because we were trying to breastfeed him, but my milk hadn’t come in yet. Because of this, he had lost more than 10% of his initial birth weight. They made us supplement him with formula until my milk came in so he would gain a few ounces back. We weren’t allowed to be discharged until then.

More To Come!

We love these photos SO much and we’re so happy to share them with you guys. I mean, just LOOK at those chubby cheeks, little toes, and cute little lips!! I can’t believe it’s already been a MONTH since this day!! We’ll be sharing his newborn session and one month photos soon! Just gotta get caught up on those blog posts too, but I can’t wait to share them with y’all!! 🙂

Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 SessionBrayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session Brayden Fresh 48 Session

Thank you so much Courtney Morgan Photography for documenting this precious time for us!! 🙂

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